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6th Sense

“Home is where the Heart is!”

Humans tend to attach the word ‘home’ to the feeling of being completely comfortable and relaxed in a space. A space that feels their own to them. And so, a home is also a reflection of its inhabitant.

The inhabitant of this space is a young female motivational speaker, who is self-reliant and spiritually inclined in her lifestyle. Living in the Hustle Bustle of an active city like Mumbai, she wants her home to be the abode of calm and serenity. Designed to personify Zen philosophy, her studio apartment is a world of its own.

The apartment is designed as a stage where every program is an act performed by the inhabitant and the set can be easily transformed by a single curtain. The space is divided through flexible cane and sandalwood separators that act as walls attached to circular channels on the ceiling. These can be adjusted and transmuted fluidly through the whole space. The major form used in the space is circular, as a circle is inward looking (like her) and signifies the feeling of wholeness.

Separated from the outside world by a wall of greenery, the space creates the feeling of home through a play of all our sensory faculties, such as texture, colour, light, sound and smell. All the elements in the space interact with each other to create a calm state of mind through a unique dialogue with light and openings.

One of the unique elements in the space is the relaxing bathtub installed in the balcony, visually enlarges the bedroom, add a feeling of grandeur to the space. Another personalised feature to our occupant is the meditation space; enclosed with the sandalwood separator for aromatherapy, the space is a haven of peace. It overlooks a mini water-body in the balcony, framed by plants exuding a zen feeling to the occupant. This balcony view is shared with the walk-in wardrobe, adding a sense of luxury to the dressing up experience.