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About us

Studio aarushi bafna is an award winning design firm focusing on high quality projects with a unique aesthetic. We pride ourselves on being best exhibition & Interiro designer in Mumbai. Our client base extends from a brand like Godrej to a personality like Master chef Ajay chopra, Mangalam Builders, Westin resorts & Spas, Jaipur modern kitchen etc. We have received over 30 international and national design awards, video series and new interview with First India news. Top 100 shortlisted design diva, Women of the Future award, Winner Autodesk Buildsmart 2017 – published in various newspapers to name a few. You can also find our presence on India today homes, Architecture & interior india, Elle decor and many more.


We are focused on developing people oriented design which is based on intensive thought and research. Our work weaves interior and exterior spaces together, ranging from large architectural ideas to the smallest of furniture details. We aim to be an agent of change by transforming the traditional use of various materials and crafts, and generating designs in the areas beyond the conventional boundaries of architecture including furniture, product, fashion etc.

Ms. Aarushi Bafna established the company in Jan 2017. Prior to establishing the studio, she completed her graduation from Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, Mumbai and soon after worked with the brilliant architect and designer -- Rooshad Shroff on projects for brands such as Hermes, Sassy Tea-spoon, La Folie Lab and on some other award winning furniture pieces. Inspired by all this creation, she achieved three national and international awards for her bespoke designs in a span of one year. These awards includes reputed design recognitions such as Godrej Design Lab, Exceptional Women of Excellence 2017 at WEF, shortlist at WADe young designer 2017 and many more !!


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