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Prem Traders

A leading lingerie and baby products store in Jaipur that caters to both men and women looking for out of the box products. The space was a 1000sqft bare shell with double height creating a volume of the space that required a lot of balancing and it became the starting point of the concept.

Instead of taking a bottom up we took a top down approach. Mood boards began with focus on ceiling and idea to best use the height. As we had to rebrand and yet keep the legacy we decided to custom make a chandelier in the middle of the space with the brand name. It’s a 100kg structure suspended at a height of 9feet creating a mark for anyone entering the store. As the HVAC was very hideous we creating a semi open ceiling design solution with WPC batons expanding at different levels. The hanging brand names in art deco metal frames enhance the height as well as give a great display for brand names

Clients requirement was very clear “ A LOT OF DISPLAY AND STORAGR SPACE” as their business runs on selling in bulk. To cater the wide range of products we planned double stores on either wall, creating mezzanine with metal truss. These stores had a capacity of more than 50 shelving units utilizing all the dead space between existing columns. Further they were covered with partition walls that heighted upto 8feet and remaining has been covered with custom made semi open jaalis to keep the back store ventilated and also make the store look visually bigger.

The main wall display is a minimal contemporary take on art deco with its simple arches and fluting. The men and women lingerie sections have a very flexible display technique wherein all the channels can be changed into width and height. The back of these are all tinted mirror to make the space look big. The middle of one wall is a arched mirror where a customer can see the full product on themselves. The other side wall is well designed metal shelving unit for other category of clothing. The cut out section is the baby area with plain white shelves and some hanging.

The cash counter and the entrance of the store is the most exciting part of the entire experience. With the metal rods and thin art deco mirrors the entry forms a passage that leads the customer of the retail area. The rods end on to the white paneled ceiling creating experience of grandness. The cash counter is backed by a floating TV That faces the entrance of the mall. 

The window displays further the experience with the arched floating rod display and molding on the walls. It’s a sight to be seen and experienced !!!

The dress room is nothing but a delight. The neon light is constant reminder to any woman using the dressing area that she is nothing less and she can have whatever she wants in this man dominated society.

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