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Work park

The design explores new spatial models for contemporary office spaces. Aiming at reinventing the traditional working practices and the related working stations, the design proposals strives to combine flexible spatial infrastructures with nature bound interiors.
Exploring the concept of working in a park, the layout is pivoted around a green recreational area and an open library stairway.

The use of oak wood veneer in its raw form along with green plants and recreational areas celebrate the feel and texture of a green woodland. The minimalist use of color and maximum natural light bestow a comforting environment, thus increasing the working efficiency and flow of ideas.

The partition walls, veneer struts tied with thick black ropes, can be compressed and expanded thus facilitating an open plan of the space.  These also aid flow of natural light and visual connectivity. The staircase in the library area not only encloses storage shelves within it but also provides a perfect place to sit and read. The veneer inlay feature wall and floor toils to bring a continuous sense of the depth of a tree, to the readers in the library area, while creating a perfect partition for AV Projection on the other side.

The space has been strategically designed to make the user feel closer to nature. The more he goes in the structure the more he will feel out in the environment.

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