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NMS Kalwara

Brief : “Lets learn throughout the school and break the concept of classroom textbook education”

The brief revolved around collaborative learning along with methodical approach to design. Client being a well functioning school, already has set ways of running their system and the challenge was to incorporate those ways in a new form and style. It is a clear intent to make the school stand apart from all other institutions across the country.

A major part of collaborative learning involves child interaction to the surroundings and not just text books, hence all the classes have been designed to interact with the corridor, which itself in a 7meter space encapsulating colors, forms and activities.

Every space in the school overlooks another one and thus making the school a very interactive area. The multipurpose hall is a 3 floor high playing zone that opens itself up to the reception, student entry, canteen and library at the same time and thus encouraging not only study but also vast number of extracurricular activities. The 500 pac capacity auditorium sits silently in the basement, which not only facilitates proper sound insulation but also creates an impact for the visitor. The flooring, walls and ceiling have been specifically designed for outdoor learning with inlayed quotations and info graphics.  The bright colors in contrast to exposed ceiling could not be more profound for a child’s attention. THIS SPACE IS STILL UNDER PROCESS

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