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Looking back in childhood, I remember treating my study table as anything but a study table. I would paint on it, write on it, and hang my toys on it but it was a rare sight for my mother to see me actually studying on it, that was something that I used to do on the bed !!! I would often drag my stuff in and out of my room. That would just become an added task for my mom. I grew up to realize that, I wasn’t an exception and all children have a curious streak to use products beyond their primary function.

This innocent curiosity inspires this particular piece. Its form follows function and function follows form. It is a multifunctional study table book which can wrap about the central pivot and compress into a portable version. It’s intriguing form with exciting colours and multi-functionality makes it ideal for inquisitive children.

The reading table or READ-ABLE is basically a book with four pencils inside it that pivot around two different axes to become legs. The book opens up around the spring like central spine to become a table for kids. This spine, formed with metal rings inserted into the wooden table (book cover), also provides place for kids to hang their toys and keep their stationary. The form of a book not only describes the function clearly but it will also stir a reading habit in kids. The legs being a pencil are an interesting feature intended to tickle kids mind. The pencil has been carved 6” hollow from the bottom to insert another member in shape of an eraser. This eraser could be rotated and pulled out increasing the height of the table depending on where it s used, be it on a bed or on floor. This joinery has been sealed with another metal ring that enhances the look of the pencil making it more realistic. The added fun with the slate chalk board will let kids draw their wonder stories on the desk without it being a task for moms to clean.

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