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Indoor Badminton court

Concept – Form follows function

The idea of an indoor badminton court is unique and has its own challenges like not enough ventilation which can lead to suffocation while playing. But it is also the only solution to be able to play all 365 days in the scorching heat of Jaipur, a desert region.  The second challenge was that the initial court was placed in a non buildable area of the site as per law.

The concept revolves around finding solution to these challenges and thus comes in the temporary structure with angular ventilation which also brings in enough sunlight. The facade has been treated with alternating windows fixed on aluminium frames attached to the temporary structures. These window s enhances cross ventilation multifold. The angular windows and exhausts on the ceiling throw the hot air out thus keeping the space cool. The angle in the upper window is such that it blocks excessive sunlight by bouncing it off at the angle.


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