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House of Beans

The concept revolved around the story of coffee, from harvesting to making! The tricky part of designing was to balance out the young client and his aspiration to make a coffee house that could be a lounge at night, and his business module which was a completely a different story revolving around organic coffee as well as sell and purchase of plant-able pencils, plants etc. The balance was created by creating a 2D-3D amalgamation of the process of coffee on the walls, using wire meshes, art and 3D utensils. Their motto is “more than just coffee” and the attempt was to do justice to the same by depicting a live size book shelf wall art which amalgamated with the original shelves housing plants for sale.
This tricky combo was achieved by carefully designing the art work and getting it drawn directly on wall by a local artist, Isha. The great spill further highlights the motto of the place gaining most attention and the brown paper roll menu justifies the organic living concept. The outdoors depicts coffee bean figuring in different moods and lots and lots of greens inviting the customer inside. It was a challenge to cater to so many demands and details in such a small space.

small cafe interiors, mumbai cafe design, small cafe design
small cafe interiors, mumbai cafe design, small cafe design
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