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The idea was to create a 700sqft 2bhk small apartment into a luxurious open living space for the client. The client being doctors, wanted a completely d-cluttered, methodical and simple yet luxurious looking space within a budget of 15LACS. Despite its many challenges we successfully completed the project well within budget in a fairly lavish looking contemporary style.

Living and kitchen
The kitchen was broken down to make it semi open, which in turn made the space look pretty big and bold. The dining area is subdued as an extension of the living area opening up into the balcony on the rare end. Shades of white and copper along with a grey blue sofa make the space look plush and big. The TV cabinet has been designed as the main element of focus as its the first thing one would experience while entering the house. As the small flat doesn’t have a lof of storage space, we have tried to play the maximum with the minimum. The entrance console is a spacious storage unit along the entire wall. It is white and oak wood in its paint and texture to open up the small 3feet gallery and it also encompasses a seating as well a big mirror to facilitate last minute dressing up

Master bed
The wardrobes were finished in back painted mirror which visually opened up the small 10ft x 10ft bedroom into a large looking space and also added an element of class. The profiles and full height bed back further enhanced that height of the room and took away the attention from the less sunlight problem. The bathroom door was broken and changed into a sliding door to make the bathroom bigger and thus complementing the whole idea of opening up the space.

Kids room
The concept of kids room revolved around breaking the monotony of a simple study table and cabinet with a bold shape – circle. The pink color was specifically chosen by their 5 year daughter herself, to suit all her accessories. The bed side hanging light is a fun origami lamp to go with vibe of the space and the wardrobe is a plush white pu painted wardrobe thus making the room look light and big.

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