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Penthouse 801

It is a 3400sqft 4BHK Penthouse with an equally big terrace garden designed keeping balance between the clients lifestyle and requirements and modern day finishes. The site allowed us to play with a lot of materials and create a bespoke home for the clients.
The clients are a very joyous, live the life kind of family and so is the interiors now ! We have played with patterns, colors and textures across the house depending on the requirement of the space. Their 6 year old daughter’s bedroom has been done in a very vibrant and cute butterfly design. The ceiling has been punctures to custom make the butterfly light.

Living and kitchen
The living area has a highlight herringbone wall along with a mirror false ceiling accenting the space. The color scheme has been kept very basic with browns and blues. The AC has been neatly concealed in the jaali boxing, which also incorporates the curtain fixtures. 

Master bed
Master bedroom has a contemporary design with the angular floor to ceiling bed back and complimenting TV unit. The shades of grey make the space cold and rustic as clients brief 

Kids room
The 5 year old girl was keen to pink butterflies and a makeup studio wardrobe ans so we have done justice with a meek white pink bed back along with curtain space and pink butterflies on the ceiling as lights. The wardrobe also symbolizes the butterflies and the dresser speaks about the vanity

Guest bed room
The seamless white door in the guestroom compliments the TV unit and the wardrobe being part of the room has ben designed in the samelanguage as bed along with open shelves for display of artifacts.


Temple & Powder washroom
The temple has been designed in an authentic wood jharoka as in older times. The powder washroom wall has been cladded with wooden batons to compliment the temple wood and hide the washroom door within the batons. 

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