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Flutes & Curves

The design revolves around functions. We needed to maximize the small space with a bedroom and a home office while keeping the bathroom hidden. Unlike all other homes in Mumbai, we also didn’t want to panel the bed in a way that door is part of it so comes in the whole curvilinear form.

The curved bed back tucks in the bathroom door perfectly. The dressing area was curved to create a path for the bathroom door.  As the owner is a big fan of doing puzzles, it was imperative to give a designated space to his 3000-5000 pieces puzzle on the wall. The other side of the dressing wall is treated as a blank canvas for his puzzles. The track light has been strategically placed. The study false wall not only gives an isolated zone but also creates a passage entrance keeping anyone from looking directly inside the private space. The wardrobes are muted with a central metallic TV window and metallic profiles almost merging the handles.

The bathroom is a very small space and hence the main focus was to increase it visually. The concept revolves around studying the solar eclipse.  A L- mirror inspired by the solar eclipse doubles up the space visually. The bathroom tiles have been chosen as a contrast of ring of fire against the eclipse darkness. The shower area is black while the vanity is light.  The textures behind the mirror brings in the luxury and drama to the otherwise simple space.

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