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Ginni Baby space

Location - Mumbai

Client Brief -  A display for the child in us

Ginni - a brand manufactures baby products. Client’s requirement was simple; they wanted to speak to the inner child in their customers, so did we!
Exhibition design is not just about function, it is more about blowing the visitor’s mind in fraction of seconds.  The easiest way to do it is by being aesthetically pleasing; we began with the concept of creating a baby crèche which is a perfect place to use baby products. The idea was to take the visitor through the experience of using the product just how a baby would use it. The color scheme chosen were pastel yet bright colors to appeal to a child’s eye. The stall was planned very strategically with one entry and one exit point that could entice and intrigue the visitor at the same time.

The arched entry door with blocked walls created curiosity in each visitor’s mind thus dragging him inside the stall. Once he is in, he experienced a very well lit and colored child’s room where he could feel what an infant would feel using the products.

The key feature would be rotating walls that graphically spoke about the brand stand points and brought out the importance of their products.

The graphics were also very thoughtfully designed by our team so that it could bring the best explanation of the company as well as its reach in the market and yet be very subtle and sheek. The map of india shows the places where products are manufactured and where they are delivered. The rotating circle is  a drop of water depicting the explaining how Ginni works on the principal of sustainability and saves water in the process of production.

We are happy to say everyone who visited the stall enjoyed like a child and we started and finished the entire process in less than 10 days.

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