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L.O.H – Lush- one of a kind – handcrafted

L.O.H is aimed at exhibiting the fine craftsmanship of metal fabricators in India. For centuries, metal has been seen as a very cold and raw material. The idea of this Lush-one of a kind- handcrafted (L.O.H) range is to redefine the perception of “Luhaars” and their craft in the minds of the masses.

The range celebrates the strength and flexibility of metal as a material creating bespoke yet affordable designs for residential and commercial use. It breaks down the view of metal being just a cold hard material that was only used in outdoor spaces by combining it with other crafts like stone craving etc and brings the finer qualities of the material into our homes and hearts.

Manufactured by – Armor Industries
Designed by – Studio Aarushi Bafna
Branding by – Yoi design services

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