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Marble World

This idea of “less is more” cornerstone of this project Requirement of this store was to elegantly display the beauty of the hand-crafted products. This task was, thus, achieved by using very simple yet chic hard-wood floors and furniture, contrasted and highlighted by a Prussian blue backdrop. All the elements in the space come together to form a perfect stage for the intricate white marble products on retail. The blackprofile lights add a graphic on the ceilling.

retail shelving ideas

The shelves were designed specifically as per functional requirements. The idea was to create a modular system which could be folded and changed. The wooden plank sit on this fan like mechanism. The hinges helps in changing the angles of the fan as required depending on the number of products for the display. The bottom of the planks have concealed profile lights to highlight the products

retail design
best visual merchandiser
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