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Pandora Gastronomy & Bar

Pandora takes its energy from the youth of today !!! Young and vibrant, something beyond minimalism was the testimony of the brand. The concept derives itself from the art of unfolding surfaces while justifying to the individuality of a triangular site. Just like how Pandora's box opened up to reveal magic, the design exploits the idea of opening up a box into surfaces and juggling with them in varied forms to create the bold wall pattern. The feature wall with its customized wall decor uses Japanese art of unfolding a box into surfaces. The bold shapes and vibrant colours render whimsical nature to the space complementing the energy. 

500 CUSTOMIZE MDF TILES – Drawn over live projection of the drawing on the wall.
300 hours of Artisans work

In the current scenario where every design is headed towards minimalism, this particular place takes a bold step towards maximalism. The custom created wall finish with its unique use of materials like  copper sheet, white back painted glass, texture paints and cased lights justifies the idea of moving towards more than just minimalistic designs.

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