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Looking back in childhood, I remember solving puzzles without picking up the pencil. It is this particular game that inspired the series of LOOPED furniture. The design exploits the idea of bending a SINGLE wire multiple times to get sturdy furniture.  Looped Series celebrates the strength and flexibility of a thin material like wire.

The product can be widely utilized in outdoor as well as indoor setting. The mono material use makes it perfect for a rainy day. The use of a single steel wire makes it a light weight, maintenance free design. It will be perfect for private terraces as well as commercial outdoor seating. It can be used indoors as well and can be styled with cushioning, threading, embroidery, knotting etc.  I believe it’s a perfect amalgamation of style and utility.

The product is a blend of utility and style.  Its super stiff yet flexible material will give ultimate comfort levels. The various small pocket spaces will facilitate the greatest problem of keeping everything on one table. The play of light due to gaps in between renders remarkable shadows. The language and form has a very playful aura to itself which I believe will attract a lot of children.

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