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The Grey dot

The brand prides itself with minimal take on detailed handwork of embroidery and contemporizing the original crafts with bold statements. With a bold logo to brand name, the designer talks about her bold style all throughout. The concept revolves around taking the clients through the same experience. As the retail space is located in a small basement, it was mandate to maximize the space visually with the use of mirror and lights.

As basements become claustrophobic, an addition of numerous plants brings in fresh air throughout the day. The space has been divided into two area, designer’s den and clients display. For designer’s den the choice of flooring was strong herringbone making a bold statement that could inspire her while designing clothes. The display area has subtle wooden flooring keeping the focus on her collection.

The hangings have been customized with bold shapes yet minimal form, just like her design style. The metal rounds and pyramids add the edge to the entire display. Adding mirrors on both the doors double up the space visually as well as give a great canvas for the clients to see their attire. The spine is a central stone back for main mannequin which would facilitate showcasing new collection.


The first look as soon as one enters is the blue free standing mirror that reflects all the collection on main display wall.
The continuous retail display has been broken with a big circular Marcum frame that brings in a perfect blend of minimal with craft. The macrum has been conceptually designed as an abstraction of land meeting water.  The cool and warm colors balanced with the whites bring the a flare of positivity and light in the space instantly.

The irregular rugs from Jaipur rugs give a perfect base to the custom made central furniture representing the brand style. The central table is a D nesting table surrounded by a very light looking bench and metallic chairs.

The highlight of the space being the entrance itself, the passage to the basement is a set of steps floating in-between forest greens.

The greens bring in lots of fresh air to the basement as well as keep it super cool. The staircase leads to a minimal white doorway with bold custom designed metal handle in the shape of G for The Grey dot. Splendid entrance indeed !!

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