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Freebird Villas

Do you have a small land but need to get a maximum usage yet keeping it well designed, here is one for you 

The idea was to maximize the 2000sqft space into a boutique resort villa facing the beautiful Aravali mountains. With 6 bedrooms and spinal central area it creates a perfect space for a small getaway. The mountain view is so scenic that we could not block any room from enjoying it. The planning is done in such a way that the central spine of the villa breaks through the entire space bringing in lots of grass and greens. The break actually makes each room feel like a resort on their own although the land was very small to do that. The small plunge pool opposite to the outside bar gives a perfect chill space for all the 15 residents in the resort.  As it still under process building, we would soon be uploading the final outcome.

Until then enjoy the planning phase !

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